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Vallejo Art Walk’s Bay Area Cinema

Amanda's directorial debut film, BIDLA, will be screening at Vallejo Art Walk’s Bay Area Cinema Friday, July 12th 7PM- 9 PM!


Amanda will be there in person for a Q and A after the screening as well! 

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Gemini Ink 
San Antonio's Writing Arts Center

In collaboration with San Antonio, Texas's storied literary organization, Gemini Ink, Amanda's globally touring workshop, The Poet Speaks, is coming this summer!

June 22nd 10 AM- 1 PM CST!


'The Writer's Desk'

Amanda recently sat down with 'The Writer's Desk' to share her writing process and childhood experiences, which have brought her work to life.


Check out her interview here:

The Poet Speaks Podcast Season 6 Trailer

The Poet Speaks Podcast Season 6 Trailer

The Poet Speaks

The Poet Speaks Podcast

Based off of Spoken Word Artist Amanda Eke's global touring spoken word workshop, The Poet Speaks. The Poet Speaks Podcast has her talking to Spoken Word artists and performing poets from around the world. Named as one of Strategic Media Inc's "Top 5 Podcasts by Black Creators" in February 2022, tune in weekly to listen to them talk about performing, oral tradition, and most importantly, they tell us why they need to get their words out.

The Poet Speaks Workshop Series is an engaging experience into the culture of Spoken word, rhyme, and tradition, held for all ages. Based on Amanda's experience as a writer, performer, and her Nigerian heritage, the workshop gives participants a chance to learn about oral traditions and their histories in any context all while solidifying the fundamental skills of rhyme. The workshop has now been conducted globally in numerous different countries.


Contact booking to schedule a workshop near you.

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