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Bidla: Film Showcasing Fusion Between Maltese Għana And Hip Hop Screening For One Day Only

Updated: May 29, 2022

Bidla which translates to ‘change’ in Maltese, is a documentary exploring the musical fusion of għana (traditional Maltese folk music), and hip hop on the Maltese islands.

The docu-film, which first aired in 2021, was directed by artist and filmmaker Amanda Eke, and was selected for the John F Kennedy Center’s ReeltoReal Film Festival. If you’ve not yet had the chance to check out this unique work, we’ve got good news for you!

We’re airing an exclusive screening of Bidla on Lovin Malta’s Facebook page this weekend, for one day and one day only!

Tune in to Lovin Malta’s Facebook page on Saturday 9th October at 11am to catch this one-time run of the film.

Featuring some of the hottest names in modern Maltese hip hop, as well as some familiar faces from the local għana scene, anyone with a passion for Maltese music needs to check it out.

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